Rotting protection for storage woods

Rotting protection for storage woods
Rotting protection for storage woods

Protects substructures of terraces from moisture and rot. Also very suitable for wooden posts, palisades etc.

The woods to be treated must be dry, stable, clean and free from salt crusts and resin inclusions (grind planed and smooth woods as well as hard and tropical woods before application and remove dust to increase adhesion).

For fresh, pressure-impregnated wood, apply the paint only if no oily surface is left.

Minimum processing temperature: +10 ° C.
Do not handle in rain or threatening humidity. Shake the can vigorously before use. Apply the emulsion with a brush (eg a brush). The paint is applied on the underside of the bearing wood and on the side flanks to 2/3 of the flank height (see photo). 2 to 3 coats are recommended. Do not follow-up after drying the previous coat (waiting time: at least 60 minutes).

Range: 1 liter of emulsion is sufficient with 2-coat paint for approx. 60 m of substructure (with a beam cross-section of 45 x 75 mm)
Total drying time: about 12 hours.



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Rotting protection for storage woods, content 1 Liter

700 999 010



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