Terrassenmeister® Oxalic Acid

Terrassenmeister® Oxalic Acid
Terrassenmeister® Oxalic Acid

Terrassenmeister® Oxalic Acid
For the removal of rust marks (grey-blue marks) on the surface of floorboards.
If during floor laying the floorboards work such as sawing metal, grinding etc. is carried out or if there is a galvanized gutter above the patio, this may cause formation of black marks on the surface of the flooring (= rust marks). Metal chippings react with the tannins in the wood. Such marks can also be caused by metal feet on garden furniture or tables.
These marks can be removed without a trace with oxalic acid. Oxalic acid is a crystalline powder which is dissolved in water. (10 g in 250 ml – content: 40 g = 1000ml ready-to-use solution, coverage1000 ml = 30 m²). 
Oxalic acid must be used with extreme caution. Please see the instructions in the Technical Notes and Safety Data Sheet. 
The product is supplied as a set (Oxalic acid + nylon brush).
Also available separately: Nylon brush with 4-rows of bristles (for mechanical follow-up cleaning of stubborn marks)


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Oxalsäure, 40 g incl. brush with nylon bristles, set

700 999 410



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