Active Foam Cleanser

Active Foam Cleanser
Active Foam Cleanser

ferax® Active Foam cleanser
The special feature of ferax® Active Foam Cleanser:
Free of chlorine, CFC, PCB, cadmium and lead. Convincing cleansing action. Protection of material, surface and environment. Especially pleasant smell.

Scope of Applications:
● In industry: aluminium and stainless steel, chrome, glass, mirrors, plastic, rubber etc.
● In hotel & catering trade: For counters, kitchen fittings, extractor hoods, window panes, mirrors, sink fittings, tiles, ceramics, glass doors etc.
● In the office: Cleans monitors, screens, machine housing, glass surfaces, Tablets, Smartphones, etc.
● Cars & Bikes: Careful and streak-free removal of dirt such as grease or nicotine on windscreens, helmet visors, motorcycle cladding, headlights. Has a colour brightening effect.
● Hobby and Leisure: For caravans, motorhomes boats, surfboards, cycles, sports apparatus etc.
Test for compatibility on special coatings.

Simple Use:
Shake the can vigorously and spray ferax®-Active Foam cleanser sparingly from a distance of about 20 to 30 cm. Then wipe off with a clean, soft cloth or cellulose cloth, leaving no streaks.




Item No.


Euro pallet

Active Foam cleanser

500 ml

300 400 500




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